Tech Tip

It’s best practices to have different passwords for everything, but at a bare minimum the password for your financial accounts should be unique! Hackers are usually interested in getting the passwords for your finances, if it’s a unique password they won’t get it even if your other passwords become compromised. Use a long and strongContinue reading “Tech Tip”

Staying and $aving Fortified

FORTIFIED is a nationally recognized building method that goes beyond building codes to strengthen residential and commercial buildings against specific natural hazards such as high winds and hurricanes. FORTIFIED standards are based on more than 20 years of scientific research and real-world testing. FORTIFIED Home can be used for new or existing homes, and hasContinue reading “Staying and $aving Fortified”

It’s Tuesday… let’s talk about tacos!

First off, yes I am an official TACO SCOUT and yes that IS pretty much a made up position that I created just so I can justify sampling ALL.THE.TACOS! Well technically, this job does exists, but it’s already been filled by some lucky dude who scouted for the best of the best tacos for theContinue reading “It’s Tuesday… let’s talk about tacos!”