About Me

I am a slightly sarcastic mom of 3, a taco aficionado, a REALTOR® with Bellator Real Estate, and a book nerd. I love to travel but I also love to explore my local area like a traveler. I love to workout and strive to eat healthy 80% of the time (perfection is myth, that sets us up for failure) so I can become the healthiest and strongest version of ME. I seek adventure and fun but also know how to work hard and grind.

I think that a persons vibe is so much more important than their looks, or wealth, or status. I thrive on being outdoors and crave the sunshine. I adore meeting new people and hearing their stories – I get energy from people. I used to have a very strong desire to follow street performers/panhandlers (apparently my friends and family feel this is unsafe so I have curbed that urge) now I just read books about people on the edges of societal norm. For the record, I would like to argue that this could still be dangerous: I could get a paper-cut or drop my kindle on my face and give myself a head injury.

I like spreadsheets and sorta don’t like showers. I think growth is the key to both happiness and success – that true happiness doesn’t come from achieving a goal; it comes from the act of making progress towards a goal. I love shopping at secondhand stores and brand new super cute shoes (I have a gazillion pairs…it’s a problem.) I like contradictions.

I have always been a writer – but (until now) too afraid to let others see my words.

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.

Walt Disney

“You were born to be real. Not to be perfect.”

Let’s build something together.

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