It’s a Taco Party

This week I sampled the street tacos at Taco Fiesta. And honestly, who wouldn't want to try food from a party taco stand?

After driving past several times I noticed that they ALWAYS seemed to have a pretty big crowd - especially at lunchtime. I was in the area putting a sign in the ground at a nearby listing and I was starving. So I decided it was time to give Taco Fiesta a try. At first glance parking appeared to be very limited and I almost drove past but I discovered an additional parking lot located behind the stand.

I ordered the Asada and Pollo Tacos and briefly contemplated adding a third (it would have been Al Pastor) but decided that three tacos before 1pm might be a bit much (even for me.) They also had Lengua (tounge) on the menu but I wasn’t feeling quite that brave.

Despite the length of the line, the service was still friendly and fast. The tacos were all delicious especially with the green sauce (but be warned it is HOT) and I washed it down with a real cane sugar Coke. I had my tacos served “authentic” with cilantro and onion and a squirt of lime, but there is the option of lettuce, tomato, and cheese. The seating is all outside with tables under the awning and picnic tables in the yard. It is an ideal for lunch or a quick dinner.

I was very impressed with the quality of the food – they were honestly some of the best street tacos I have had locally. A man I was chatting with mentioned that they have tamales on the weekend that are excellent so I might have to make a return trip.

Taco Fiesta is on 104 just west of Highway 59 in Robertsdale. It is an unassuming place located in front of a trailer park and next to a laundry mat, but don’t let that deter you the food more than compensates for the location.

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