Staying and $aving Fortified

FORTIFIED is a nationally recognized building method that goes beyond building codes to strengthen residential and commercial buildings against specific natural hazards such as high winds and hurricanes. FORTIFIED standards are based on more than 20 years of scientific research and real-world testing.

FORTIFIED Home can be used for new or existing homes, and has three levels of designation available—FORTIFIED Roof™, FORTIFIED Silver™, and FORTIFIED Gold™—builders can work with homeowners to choose a desired level of protection that best suits their budget and resilience goals.

Not only can having a FORTIFIED home save you on insurance costs, but a fortification designation can also increase your property value. In a study led by the University of Alabama, a FORTIFIED designation was shown to increase a property’s value by 7 percent (in some cases even more) when it sells. If your home is not currently Fortified, you can contact a Fortified Evaluator to inspect your home and create a Current Conditions Report that will outline the steps needed to upgrade your home to Roof or Silver Standards.

If your home is currently FORTIFIED, be aware that the designation does not last not forever.  A Fortified designation EXPIRES after 5 years. You can renew your designation for another 5 years by having a re-inspection conducted by a certified Fortified Evaluator. The expiration date of your designation is printed of on your home designation certificate. For more information or a list of local evaluators visit:

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